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Shoe Covers | Winter

Shoe Covers | Winter
€25.00 €17.50

Winter Shoe Covers are the perfect accessories for Cycling and MTB practice in Winter, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable!


  • X5 Black

The Winter Shoe Covers were developed for sports practice under bad weather conditions.

Equipped with a reflective zip in its back, they are easy to wear, and turn you visible on the road.

The Covers are made with Zerowind technology they offer a high resistance to wind and rain, and, consequently, a better performance by the athlete.

Size Chart (Approximate)

  • M - 38/39
  • L - 40/41
  • XL - 42/43
  • XXL - 44/45


100% WIND PROOF | The closed molecular Zerowind structure assures perfect protection against wind, creating an efficient and comfortable shield.

PERSPIRATION ABSORPTION | Capable of absorbing and transporting perspiration to the outside, maintaining the body dry and enhancing the athletic performance.

100% WATER PROOF | It can assure a protection of up to 10 meters of water column with an efficient protection against rain.

ECO COMPATIBLE | 100% Biodegradable, safe for the environment and PTFE free.

THERMAL | Its dynamic transpiration power decreases when the activity is lower, avoiding the loss of body warmth and creating a balanced microclimate.

THIN | With only 5 micron thickness (0,005mm) ZeroWind is, nowadays, the thinner membrane in the market against bad weather conditions. Best protection in the minimum possible space!

ELASTIC | Up to 300% elongation without any modification of its properties. Good wearability, exceptional comfort and durability.

BREATHABLE | Thanks to its hydrophilic structure ZeroWind absorbs perspiration moisture transporting it to the outside. ZeroWind® ensures a “dynamic transpiration” according with the level of physical activity.




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