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X5 Bib Tights | Winter | X5 Pad

X5 Bib Tights | Winter | X5 Pad

X5 Bib Tights were developed specifically for Cycling or MTB in Winter. With ergonomic cut and full elasticity, thermal interior, it enables a perfect body fit, greater comfort and freedom of movement.

Winter | X5 Pad

  • X5 Black

The X5 Bib Tights were developed specially for the practice of Cycling and MTB in cold and rainy weather. Its ergonomic cut allows a perfect fit to the athlete’s body, and the Thermal Lycra with combed interior maintains the body warmth enabling a higher comfort.

X5 Tights are composed by a bi-elastic fabric, spandex and micro-fibers based, carded in the interior, the Thermal Lycra.

In the X5 Bib Tights interior you will find its fundamental piece, the pad. The X5 Tights’ pad is one of the most evolved in the market, the X5 Pad that, through the New ‘Cutting’ Technology, has no glues in its composition, typical in traditional pads. The X5 Pad is perfect for the sports practice of long distances (5/6h) with the greatest comfort!

X5 Pad

Licra Thermal



Thermal Lycra is a bi-elastic fabric with carded interior, developed to maintain the body warmth during all the sports done in cold weather.

The heat maintenance is associated to the fabric’s breathability, which removes all the perspiration out promoting comfort during cycling. The bi-elastic fabric allows a higher movement freedom for the best sports performance. 




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