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X6 Thermal Jacket | Combi | NEW!

X6 Thermal Jacket | Combi | NEW!

The X6 Thermal Jacket Combi was conceived to offer you an extra protection in mild weather.

Long Sleeve | Full Zip | 2 Pockets with Zip | Reflective Tags in the Back


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The X6 Thermal Jacket Combi, with wind-proof front, back and sleeves in combed fabric, will give you an extra protection in mild weather.

The front, in Dacqua, works as a wind shield and the back and sleeves, in Venecia Microfresh, will keep you warm and transport to the outside the perspiration.

The new fabrics pliability was associated to the new X6 model, the result was a jacket with a perfect ergonomic fit which enables a freedom of movement at all times. The sleeves' new finishing enables the sleeve perfect positioning, reducing the cold air entrance, raising your comfort.

The back is equipped with two pockets with zip where you can safely store your belongings, and the hemline with silicone will maintain the perfect fit of the jacket.

The X6 Cycling Jacket also assures your visibility and safety thanks to the Reflective Tags in the back, keeping you visible and safe at all times!

Blusão X6 Misto Frente | Descrição



1 • Front in Dacqua | Water and Wind Proof

2 • Sides and sleeves in Venecia Microfresh | Thermal & Better Perspiration Evaporation

3 • Hemline with Silicone




Blusão X6 Misto Costas | Descrição




4 • Back and Sleeves in Microfresh Venecia | Thermal & Better Perspiration Evaporation

5 • 2 Reflective Tags in the Back for better Visibility | 2 Pockets with Zip for easier access and best packing



Dacqua is a high-tech water and wind proof fabric. With great elasticity protects you without restaining your movements.






Venecia Microfresh is a high technology micro based fabric. With combed interior,a soft touch and high breathability it enhances the athlete’s Comfort.

Its technical characteristics avoid body heat concentrations enhancing the feeling of well-being at all times.




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